The Giulia N Couture born by passion for fashion of Giulia Nati: digital entreprenaur, social influencer and most of all designer.
The Brand proposes styles trendy and coloured, eclectic and conceptual with a flavour definitely globetrotting highlighting a mix&match metropolitan.
The quality of the product is fondamental and declined in the research of best fabrics and craftmanship definitely made in italy.
Accesorices play also a crucial rule in the Collection emphasizing Giulia’s caractere expressed in hollywoodian caps, iperchic bags, scarves and belts were born from italian creativity and best textile manufacture.
Giulia N Couture Collection plays with elegance and provocation focused by the most inspirated fashion nature and using precious fabrics enriched with rhinestones, cabochon and jewel-like details. Knitwear and fabric garments offer always trendy lines and shapes.
Definitely the Brand is a game of surprising details, at the basis of its impeccably elegant dresses with a new chic flavour: collections expressing harmoniously luxurious styles, designed to create emotions.
The contemporary line of Giulia has conquered also the Milano Fashion Week.

The project is structured in collections of programmato moda (Fall-Winter and Spring-Summer) proposed for the national and international market by the best agencies. The price strategy define an accessible luxury focus and setting a great balance between price/quality for high profile stores.

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